Friday, October 30, 2009

Polish Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Many of us are truly afraid to exfoliate our faces. We conjure up images of red blotchy skin and bad breakouts. So many women that we talk to flat out tell us that they can't exfoliate their faces because their skin is too sensitive.
To these ladies...brace can exfoliate your will actually help reduce bad breakouts and red blotchy skin. In fact, if you use the right product, it can firm, fight wrinkles, moisturize and give you the radiant glow that all girls dream of!

Let me introduce you to my very favorite Sweet Leaf Bath product. It's our Adzuki Bean & Rice Bran Face Polish. I use it religiously, having converted from the school of "my skin is too sensitive to exfoliate." I have used numerous facial scrubs in the past with the end result being dry skin and and blotchy.

The key to a good face exfoliant is it's ability to gently polish off dead skin cells, while balancing skin tone and leaving behind a touch of moisture. The red and blotchies come from granules being to rough on the delicate facial skin, so we hand grind our adzuki beans until they are soft enough to rub on a baby's bum. A time consuming process but well worth it.

As a mentioned, a good polish needs the right balance of properties and ingredients. We carefully chose ours based on the benefits that they could bring to the table.

Organic Adzuki Beans - Gently exfoliating, leaves the skin with a radiant glow.
Organic Rice Bran - Prevents wrinkles, heals blemishes, attracts oil and dirt, leaving a healthier, balanced tone.
Cucumber Seed Extract - Hydrating, nourishing, rich in vitamins and anti - oxidants, aids in skin regeneration.
Ginko Biloba - Anti-aging and skin firming properties, revitalizing.
Apple Custard Powder - Helps the skin maintain elasticity, anti-aging properties, moisturizing.

We have heard nothing but rave reviews from anyone who has tried it (including me!) So get over your fear and give our face polish a chance...your face will thank you!

Sweet Leaf Bath Co.

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